Addressing Greece’s War Claims

The issue of war reparations is poisoning relations

von Bettina Vestring | Internationale Politik/Beziehungen, Europa

Greece’s finance experts have come up with a staggering claim against Germany for wartime damages: €278.7 billion, nearly four times as much as Germany has so far paid in compensation for Nazi crimes. Berlin’s reaction – a flat denial – is easily understandable. Yet in the interest of future relations within Europe, Chancellor Angela Merkel needs to do better.

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Eye on Europe

Harbingers of Transformation

A few bright spots on Europe’s troubled periphery

von Elizabeth Pond | Institutionen & Recht, Mittel- und osteuropäische Länder

Even as the future of the European Union's neighborhood remains under threat, a few developments on the EU periphery – in Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia – show that civil society and rule of law are making inroads in post-Communist kleptocracies.

Going Renewable

The Answer Is Blowin’ in the Wind

New records for German renewable energy production

von Paul Hockenos | Erneuerbare Energien, Deutschland

Germany’s intense wind turbine installations in 2014 contributed to record-breaking renewable energy production during last week’s high winter wind storms, when wind and solar resources combined reached the output of forty conventional large power plants.

Russia Policy

Chasing a Chimera
Chasing a Chimera

Closer EU-EEU ties will not lead to a rapprochement with Russia

von Stefan Meister | Russische Föderation, Konflikte und Strategien

The main cause of the conflict between Russia and the West lies in the internal legitimization deficit of Putin’s own system. A closer cooperation with Moscow’s Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) would not only undermine the EU’s values – the Kremlin is simply not interested. A reply to Mark Leonard’s and Ivan Krastev’s “The New European Disorder.”

Berlin Observer

A (Very Small) Sign of Hope

Merkel and Putin compromise on joint World War II commemoration

von Bettina Vestring | Deutsche Außenpolitik, Russische Föderation

German Chancellor Angela Merkel turned down Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invitation to attend the huge military parade planned for the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory over Germany. Instead, she will travel to Moscow one day later to take part in a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – an unexpected hopeful sign.

Eye on Europe

The End of Offshore Data?

“Safe Harbor” offers no true refuge for Europe’s Internet users, the European Commission admits

von Derek Scally | Informationstechnologie, Europa

An impending June decision by the EU’s Court of Justice will likely tip the balance between free trade and fundamental rights. Arguments were heard last week in Luxembourg in a privacy rights case lodged by Max Schrems, an Austrian law student, against five international tech giants.