More Firsts and Breakthroughs

Storage challenges, part 2 (of 2): 2015 could be a critical year for renewable power storage

von Paul Hockenos | Rohstoffe & Energie, Weltweit

Utility companies have begun investing in large-scale battery storage technology for their renewable energy production. But the next frontier – small-scale storage for households and small businesses – is poised to take off as battery technology becomes more affordable.

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Germany & Russia

Politics Trump Economics
Politics Trump Economics

Germany’s approach to Russia, namely supporting political change by deepening economic relations, has failed

von Stefan Meister | Russische Föderation, Deutsche Außenpolitik

Russia's pursuit of politically motivated yet economically irrational behavior has shown that decades of attempted economic integration between Russia and the West have failed. Attempts to engage Moscow through its Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) look similarly futile. Germany's retreat from this strategy will have long-term consequences for both financial and political investment in Russia.

Security Policy

The Nuclear Reality
The Nuclear Reality

The West needs a new approach to nuclear arms control

von Michael Rühle | Weltweit, Rüstungskontrolle & Massenvernichtungswaffen

“Nuclear disarmament” has always sounded better in theory than in practice. With more countries flexing their nuclear muscle – especially Russia – a more realistic strategy to manage nuclear arms is necessary. The West must fundamentally re-think means and ends.

Berlin Observer

Don’t Blink First

Tsipras and Merkel are playing a dangerous game

von Bettina Vestring | Wirtschaft & Finanzen, Griechenland

Greece’s radical new government seems to believe that its European partners cannot afford to let the country go broke. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is trying hard to create the opposite impression. Both sides are playing a dangerous game of mutually assured destruction, and there is little time to find a way out.

Eye on Europe

Palms Beyond Paradise

Euro crisis round-up (part 5 of 5): Portugal's path out of crisis remains a thorny one

von Thomas Fischer | Wirtschaft & Finanzen, Portugal

After three years of adherence to strict Troika directives, Portugal takes its first independent economic steps – with mixed reviews. The country must strike a balance between maintaining the fiscal austerity required by its lenders and providing services and protections for its citizens, before the country hemorrhages more of its struggling workforce.

Berlin Observer

Lessons from Munich

Competing realities emerge when talking about Ukraine

von Derek Scally | Deutsche Außenpolitik, Ukraine

Discussions at the Munich Security Conference revealed five very different understandings of the crisis in Ukraine, with five equally different sets of policy options following. The only point of agreement is the severity of the current threat to European stability. It was Chancellor Angela Merkel who delivered a striking dose of realpolitik.