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What To Do About Hamas
Israel must face the difficult reality of talking to Gaza’s leadership
by Yossi Alpher
Israel has an array of options besides reoccupying the Gaza Strip. One alternative is to open passages linking it to Gaza, ending the damaging economic blockade. Another is to seek direct talks with Hamas. Both are preferable to long-term occupation, which Israel would be hard-pressed to end cleanly.
Category: Peace-Keeping, Conflicts and Strategies, Security, Fragile States, Israel, Palestine, Near and Middle East/North Africa
The Middle East after the Iraq War

by Yossi Alpher
Three dynamics are at work now: global complications following America's post-9/11 shift to focus on Iraq rather than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East; the American quandary in post-war Iraq itself; and the absence of any realistic two-state peace strategy on the part of Sharon, Arafat, or Bush. The international community should now ensure that partial Israeli settler withdrawal from the Gaza Strip does not create a Palestinian Bantustan.
Category: Religion, Government and Society, Fragile States, Conflict-Prevention, Conflicts and Strategies, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Eastern Arabia/Israel, Europe

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