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  • No More Singing the Austerity Blues?

    Germany’s Social Democrat leader tries to change the euro tune to little avail

    Deputy chancellor Sigmar Gabriel argued this week that it was time to turn the page on austerity policies. But there is little chance of him bringing about a change of course. Rather, the return of the Greek crisis has underlined how little influence Germany’s Social Democrats have shaping euro-saving policies.

  • More Firsts and Breakthroughs

    Storage challenges, part 2 (of 2): 2015 could be a critical year for renewable power storage

    Utility companies have begun investing in large-scale battery storage technology for their renewable energy production. But the next frontier – small-scale storage for households and small businesses – is poised to take off as battery technology becomes more affordable.

  • Charging Ahead

    Storage challenges, part 1 (of 2): State-financed subsidies and tax credits essential for promoting renewables storage

    As dependence on renewable energy production grows, decreasing lithium prices are driving the development of large- and small-scale energy storage technologies across the globe. North America is leading the way with grid-scale energy storage projects, but Asia and Europe are right behind.