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"On Ukraine, the EU has made too many misjudgments."
Interview with Germany's new Russia policy coordinator, Gernot Erler
by Rachel Herp Tausendfreund, Bettina Vestring
"On Ukraine, the EU has made too many misjudgments."
The fight over Ukraine's international orientation – a tug of war between Russia and the EU – has led to massive demonstrations in Kiev. We ask Social Democrat and Russia expert Gernot Erler about where Europe went wrong with Ukraine. He warns that German and European politicians are making a mistake by clearly take sides with the Ukrainian opposition.
Category: German Foreign Policy, European Union, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia
Political Cleavage
A touch of sensation enters German political campaigning
by Rachel Herp Tausendfreund
German elections are not known for being sensational. And this upcoming election bodes to be unspectacular even by German standards, since all signs point to a victory for Angela Merkel.
Category: Political Culture, Government and Society, Germany, Central Europe, Europe
Europe’s Creative Chaos
Visions of EU agency lead Europe in the wrong direction
by Rachel Herp Tausendfreund
Complaints that the new Lisbon Treaty lacks the grand visions of the failed constitutional treaty are misplaced. Visions of the European Union as a major player in world affairs distract from what the European Union is meant to do and does quite well. These ideas of EU grandeur also relieve the member states of accountability.
Category: European Union, EU-Treaties, Institutions of the EU, Political Culture, Government and Society, Europe, Geographical areas of Europe, Western Europe political

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    How Merkel went from hot to cold on Tymoshenko

    While Yulia Tymoshenko was imprisoned in Ukraine, Angela Merkel was her staunchest ally. But since her release, the relationship has cooled off dramatically. Berlin fears that Tymoshenko is turning into a fervently anti-Russian nationalist in order to win the presidential elections.

  • Paying the Gas Piper

    Former Soviet republics weakest link in EU energy security chain

    The Baltic states, overwhelmingly dependent upon Russian energy supplies, experience most directly the high costs of their neighbor's political pressure on the EU. Could diversification including renewables provide these countries some relief?

  • Greening the Heartlands of Coal in Europe

    New Böll Foundation report sheds light on renewables in Central Europe

    Germany's Energiewende has also impacted Poland and the Czech Republic, but these effects are rarely discussed or well-understood by German lawmakers. EU-wide energy policies are needed in order to ensure that Germany's transition to renewables is permanent, sustainable, and fair to its neighbors.