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"On Ukraine, the EU has made too many misjudgments."
Interview with Germany's new Russia policy coordinator, Gernot Erler
by Rachel Herp Tausendfreund, Bettina Vestring
"On Ukraine, the EU has made too many misjudgments."
The fight over Ukraine's international orientation – a tug of war between Russia and the EU – has led to massive demonstrations in Kiev. We ask Social Democrat and Russia expert Gernot Erler about where Europe went wrong with Ukraine. He warns that German and European politicians are making a mistake by clearly take sides with the Ukrainian opposition.
Category: German Foreign Policy, European Union, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia
Political Cleavage
A touch of sensation enters German political campaigning
by Rachel Herp Tausendfreund
German elections are not known for being sensational. And this upcoming election bodes to be unspectacular even by German standards, since all signs point to a victory for Angela Merkel.
Category: Political Culture, Government and Society, Germany, Central Europe, Europe
Europe’s Creative Chaos
Visions of EU agency lead Europe in the wrong direction
by Rachel Herp Tausendfreund
Complaints that the new Lisbon Treaty lacks the grand visions of the failed constitutional treaty are misplaced. Visions of the European Union as a major player in world affairs distract from what the European Union is meant to do and does quite well. These ideas of EU grandeur also relieve the member states of accountability.
Category: European Union, EU-Treaties, Institutions of the EU, Political Culture, Government and Society, Europe, Geographical areas of Europe, Western Europe political

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  • The Snowden Dilemma

    Merkel caught between Washington and her domestic public

    Angela Merkel would like nothing better than to leave the NSA scandal behind. The German chancellor wants no shadow cast over her upcoming visit to Washington. But Merkel’s domestic public is not playing along. Germans stubbornly persist in considering the NSA’s whistleblower Edward Snowden a hero. This feeds into a strong current of anti-Americanism – with dangerous long-term consequences for the transatlantic relationship.

  • Achieving Energy Independence from Russia

    Can the Ukraine crisis force Germany to backtrack on the Energiewende?

    No, regardless of Poland’s off-the-cuff critique. But it’s fueling anew the debate in Germany over supply security. Renewables could go a long way toward bolstering Germany's energy security vis-à-vis Russia, while energy-saving measures could be the true clincher.

  • Democratic Wunderkind No More

    Hungarian authoritarian Viktor Orbán wins again

    25 years ago, Hungary was the liberal shining light of the Eastern Bloc. Now one in five Hungarians supports the hate-fueled Jobbik party's calls to reclaim “Greater Hungary” from its neighbors, and Viktor Orbán and Fidesz are riding the country's scapegoats and their own manipulative policies to an overwhelming reelection to a second full term.