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“The eurozone cannot result in a separate core Europe”
Former Vice President of the EU Commission Günter Verheugen on Berlin's crisis management and the European Central Bank
by Günter Verheugen
DGAP Interview, October 8, 2012
“The eurozone cannot result in a separate core Europe”
During the decisive decade from 1999-2010, Günter Verheugen helped shape the European Union in Brussels. He warns of a splitting of the EU in a DGAP interview: “The currency union is an integral part of integration.” The introduction of the euro is also one of the functional specifications for new EU members. But the basic rules of the currency union, which were inspired by Germany, have proven to be useless and have impeded a solution to the crisis.
Category: European Union, Europe
German Foreign Policy and Eastern Partnership
Position Paper of the Eastern Partnership Task Force
by Markus Meckel, Georg Milbradt, Friedbert Pflüger, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, Rainder Steenblock, Rita Süssmuth, Günter Verheugen, Karsten D. Voigt
DGAPstandpunkt 1, 6 February 2012, 4 pages
German Foreign Policy and Eastern Partnership
In a seven-point comprehensive position paper, eight high-level political figures called for stronger German engagement in Eastern Europe and the Caucuses. “The Eastern Partnership is of central importance” for German and EU foreign policy. The German government should appoint a special representative to bring forward the German position.
Category: Eastern Partnership, Eastern Europe
Europe’s New Identity
Taking stock of enlargement two years down the road
by Günter Verheugen
The final evaluation of the biggest ever enlargement of the European Union will lie with historians. But after just two years, former EU enlargement commissioner Günter Verheugen argues that enlargement has been a success—including in some unanticipated areas. But he also admits to shortcomings and urges the union to learn from its own mistakes.
Category: Enlargement Process, European Union, Europe
A new epoch is beginning
European Commissioner Günter Verheugen talks to IP
by Günter Verheugen
The EU Commissioner who guided the 2004 eastern enlargement, which saw the EU gain 10 new members at once, speaks to IP about future enlargements and whether the EU will soon run into "enlargement fatigue."
Category: Enlargement Process, European Union, Eastern Europe, Europe

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